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Adamus Compendium is an independent, specialist diamond brokerage based in London, with secure viewing locations in London, New York and Hong Kong. The founder and senior brokers have considerable knowledge and experience totalling in excess of 50 years in the diamond, fine wine, art, antiques and global markets. Our reputation has been built upon absolute confidentiality, integrity, honesty, and excellent growth.

"We offer our clients the unique opportunity to protect and improve their existing wealth by acquiring tangible assets such as coloured diamonds."

Our Objective

Our experience as professional brokers has made us acutely aware of global markets and the volatility that can spread from continent to continent, undermining, and in some cases seriously damaging portfolios. Adamus was established to allow access to what was traditionally the domain of the privileged elite, with a view to providing low risk alternatives to underperforming paper based assets such as bonds and equities.

With our connections to some of the world's leading producers and suppliers of rare coloured diamonds we are able to gain access to exceptional opportunities within the coloured diamond market.


Diversification Philosophy

It's commonly known that it is not wise to be over exposed in one particular area or asset class for fear of losing the whole lot. This is why experts spread their risk through various products. In recent years, non stock-correlated strategies have been used by shrewd individuals to neutralise or counter balance the risk attached to one or more of the holdings within a traditional portfolio such as stocks and bonds. Among the spectrum of asset classes targeted by high net worth individuals, institutions, pensions and private banks, diamonds are becoming more mainstream, offering greater diversification to a portfolio with a view to providing greater stability and growth.

In fact, prices for the finest quality coloured diamonds have increased in value by an average of between 15-25% year on year for the last 30 years.


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